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1. Personal details

Your HR adviser should have told you that DSPE (Digital Service Point Employees) is the system in which you will enter a number of things yourself. This information will be used to draw up your contract and generate an e-mail address. You will receive a welcome e-mail from the AUAS containing a link to DSPE, in which you have to fill in the personal details form. It is important to also fill in the details of your emergency contact.

If you have not received an email after a few days, please contact your HR adviser or manager.

Travel expenses in DSPE

The AUAS chooses to stimulate the use of bicycles and public transport. There are a number of ways in which commuting between home and work can be reimbursed. Look under Travel expenses for the possibilities, conditions and application.

2. NS-Business Card

The AUAS will only reimburse the costs of commuting and business trips 2nd class without a surcharge. The NS Business Card is valid in the train, bus and metro. A combination with another reimbursement is not possible. However, you can also make use of the bicycle tax-break scheme. If you travel with the NS Business Card, you are not entitled to a travel deduction for income tax purposes.

3. AUAS bicycle

An AUAS bicycle is one that you use for the purposes of commuting and for which you apply for reimbursement from AUAS. All staff with an employment contract for either an indefinite period or at least a year can apply for this reimbursement. You cannot combine this with other forms of reimbursement.

4. Tax-break scheme bicycle

Because of the tax benefit under the tax-break scheme, the price of purchasing a bicycle is significantly reduced. Depending on your income, the amount of the benefit ranges from 37% to 52% of the price.

You can take advantage of the bicycle tax-break scheme even if you are using the NS Business Card or the mileage reimbursement.

5. Staff ID Card

When you start working, you will be asked to create a Staff ID Card using your AUAS e-mail address.

Your Staf ID Card will also serve as proof of identification for the porters. If your photograph is unclear or inappropriate, your Staf ID Card will not be valid. When the card is ready, you will be notified by e-mail about where and when you can pick it up. When issued, the card will be activated so that you have the standard (access) rights.

6. Two-step verification

The AUAS considers working safely very important. For this reason, two-step verification is being introduced for more and more applications. Two-step verification is an extra safeguard for logging in. It ensures that an extra check can be made to establish the identity of the person logging in with certainty. In some cases, you have to verify your login via your mobile phone. You will also come across two-step verification outside the AUAS, for example when logging in to your bank and/or DigiD.

How to set up two-step verification?

In principle, you set up two-step verification once. Setting up two-step verification can differ per application; the Microsoft Cloud environment, for example, uses two-step verification via the Microsoft Authenticator App. SIS and the DSPM make use of the two-step verification provided by SURF.

7. Laptop and/or phone

Every AUAS employee with an appointment of at least 2 days a week automatically receives a laptop (Windows). If required for your position, a mobile phone will also be requested. You will receive a pick-up notice when and where you can collect your laptop and/or phone. If you have any questions about your laptop, please contact your manager.

8. ABP pension

Once you have reached pensionable age (under the General Old Age Pensions Act), you are entitled to receive a state pension from the Dutch government. As an AUAS employee, you accrue pension benefits at the ABP – the pension fund for government and education employees – throughout your employment at the AUAS.

9. Work from home

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has introduced the AUAS Working from Home scheme. The scheme enables employees to apply for equipment to set up a proper workspace at home. The items will remain the property of AUAS and will be registered through a loan agreement.

10. Last but not least..

Useful phone numbers

Administrative Centre: 020-5951404 For all general HR questions or questions about your salary, please call the number above.

ICTS: 202-5951402 For all IT questions or questions about your laptop and/or phone.

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