Practical assistance for your start at the AUAS

Starting with a new employer usually means that you have a lot to discover. From new colleagues and locations, to still unknown activities and work processes. Your colleagues from different programmes and departments will be happy to help you on your way.

In that first period of your new job, you will often have to process a lot of information. This magazine was designed as a tool to provide you with an overview of need-to-know information and direct links.

What facilities are there? How do certain things work at the AUAS? Where can I find information about the AUAS and its services? What are useful and fun places to visit? This online magazine aims to answer these questions - and many more - so that you can find your way around more easily.

We also advise you to talk to HR colleagues, managers, and team leaders. Or take part in a start-up meeting organised by your programme, faculty, and/or the AUAS.

Enjoy reading, and once again: welcome to the Faculty of Business and Economics!


Mission and vision

Meet Management

Code of conduct

For a socially safe working and learning environment

The Business Campus

Discover Zuidoost

These are the hotspots surrounding the Business Campus.

The Wibaut Building

Discover the Amstelcampus

These are the hotspots surrounding the Wibaut Building.

10 x worth knowing

All practical links, tips and tricks for your first weeks on one page, on behalf of your HR team.

Shared Services

Administration Centre (AC), ICT Services (ICTS) en Facility Services (FS)

Auteursrecht in het onderwijs

The new Easy Access regulation for higher professional education (HBO) came into effect at the beginning of 2021. Under the new arrangement, instructors have more opportunities to use educational resources, not only on Brightspace but also in Teams and other digital environments.

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