Faculty of Business en Economics (FBE)

Meet Management

Director of operations

Jeroen Visser

Jeroen Visser is responsible for the functioning of all services and business processes within the faculty, such as staff services, education logistics, accommodation and finance. He is the direct supervisor of the faculty staff and the Head of the Education Office. Faculty staff members are also the heads of the staff services at FBE.


Ineke Bussemaker

Ineke Bussemaker has final responsibility for the faculty and is its administrative representative. She is the direct supervisor of the programme managers and lecturers.

Faculty Secretary

Max Paschold

Max Paschold is responsible for the functioning of the management and consultation structures and the policy agenda. He supports and liaises with the faculty board, the staff organisation, the study programme management, the examination committee, the section council (employee participation), the study programme committees and the student associations. In addition, he maintains contacts with the central AUAS organisation. He manages the official secretaries (faculty secretariat, examinations board and Representative Advisory Council) and the management assistants/secretaries of the faculty.