Shared Services

Administration Centre (AC), ICT Services (ICTS) and Facility Services (FS)

Every day, they support more than 48,000 students and 4000 staff members within the AUAS.

Administration Centre

The Administration Centre (AC) is the service and expertise centre for processes in the field of education logistics, personnel, and finance. Think, for example, of the registration of students, the commencement of employment of new personnel, and the payment of salaries. But the AC also provides advice on working and/or living abroad, tax issues, and project control.

As an employee, you will mainly have to deal with the AC if you wish to put in a request for leave, submit an expense claim, or want to arrange or request something else in the personnel field. Many requests go via the Digital Service Point for Employees (DSPE) and via the AC Service Desk. More information can be found in the A-Z list for employees on the AUAS website.

Do you work in an education, personnel or financial administration? Then you will maintain contact with the AC on the basis of your own expertise. Often directly with your contact persons, but you can also go to the service desk with your questions and requests.

Service desk AC

The AC Service Desk deals with administrative questions, requests, reports (e.g. malfunctions in administrative systems), and complaints. All questions, requests, and complaints are registered. You can track the status of your submitted request or report via self-service.

Contact details Servicedesk AC E-mail: Telephone: +31 020 525 1404 Self-service: Available from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17:30.

ICT Services

ICT Services (ICTS) is responsible for the ICT services of the AUAS and offers all ICT services that support staff and students in their education, research, and business operations. ICTS provides, among other things, computers, (mobile) phones, software, and the (wireless) network and ensures that everyone can work digitally, in a safe manner.

ICTS Service Desk

The ICTS Service Desk is the central point for reporting malfunctions and complaints and for asking questions related to ICT. For example, questions and reports about your digital workplace, AUAS-ID, the (wireless) network, printers, VPN, e-mail, or software.

Contact details Servicedesk ICT Services E-mail: Telephone: +31 020 595 1402 Self-service: Available from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00.

In the A-Z you can find practical information on ICT topics.

Facility Services

Facility Services (FS) takes care of e.g. support for education in digital testing, the management and fitting out of teaching rooms, and audiovisual equipment. Facilities such as catering, cleaning, and parking are also taken care of by Facility Services. FS also works on the maintenance and safety of the buildings and contributes to a pleasant, sustainable, and innovative study and working environment.

Service point Do you have a question about the facilities in the building? Do you need help activating your employee card or setting up Wi-Fi? Drop by the Service point on the ground floor at Fraijlemaborg. FS employees will be happy to help you!

Service Desk FS You can contact the Service Desk FS to request facilities services and to report, for instance, faulty sanitary facilities or a malfunction of a coffee machine. You can follow the status of your submitted request or report at

Contact details Service Desk FS E-mail: Telephone: +31 020 525 1403 You can also make a request or report using the facility services form. Available Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17:30.