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Business Campus

Business Campus

Fraijlemaborg 133

1102 CV Amsterdam

020 523 6311

The Business Campus is the location of the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB). Here, students and staff of the full-time programmes International Business and International Business fast track can be found. You will also find the part-time version of International Business and the master's degree in Digital Driven Business here.

Here, you will also find most of FBE's Dutch full-time programmes: Accountancy, Commerciële Economie, Commerciële Economie 3-year, Johan Cruyff Academy, Finance & Control, Finance & Control 3-year traject en Finance, Tax and Advice.

The Part-time Academy is also located at the Business Campus. Here you can find the part-time variants of programmes Bedrijfskunde, Commerciële Economie, Finance & Control and Human Resource Management.

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